Dance Movement Psychotherapy


What is Dance Movement Psychotherapy?


This is the Association for Dance Movement Psychotherapy UK’s definition of DMP:

Dance Movement Psychotherapy (DMP) [also known as Movement Psychotherapy or Dance Movement Therapy (DMT)] is founded on the principle that movement reflects an individual’s patterns of thinking and feeling. Through acknowledging and supporting clients’ movements the therapist encourages development and integration of new movement patterns together with the emotional experiences that accompany such changes.

Dance Movement Psychotherapy is practiced as both individual and group therapy in health, education and social service settings and in private practice. Dance Movement Psychotherapists work with a wide variety of clients including people who are emotionally distressed, people with learning difficulties, those with physical or mental illness and people who want to use the medium for personal growth.

While the origins of dance as a healing art lie in ancient history, the contemporary profession incorporates dance, movement & psychological theories and therapeutic practices developed primarily in Europe and the U.S.A. The profession is also informed by continuing international research.